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Together Now 1/8

Together Now 1/8

Bronze on slate composite base, edition of 8 variations.

Measurements: 10 x 25.5 x 10cm. 

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Together Now 1/8

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'Whereas bronze is most commonly used to reproduce a work originally conceived in another medium, Philip Hearsey uses the sand-casting process to create vessel forms that honour and explore the qualities of bronze as a material in its own right. As an architect/designer reference to constructed form is inevitable: paradoxically he is most powerfully inspired by the natural landscape and sense of place of the Herefordshire/Welsh borders where he lives and works.  At the simplest level, using the basic vocabulary of ovals, circles and triangles, and their solid 3D counterparts, Philip Hearsey creates elegant objects that do not rely solely upon their intrinsic beauty but possess an essential presence and resonance. The rim is critical; it is the interface between the container and that which is contained it is most usually bright polished and not only reveals the beauty, colour and solidity of the material but crucially exemplifies any asymmetry or dichotomy between the outer surface of the piece as a whole, the "container", and the space or void that is contained. Philip Hearsey is also intrigued by the surface and the alchemy of patination, not because of any obsession with technique but because the possibilities are challenging, unpredictable and seemingly endless. The colouring is not a coating, it is the surface itself: it is the result of a self-transformation of the material, by the material, and the coloured surface, even if it becomes encrusted, is a manifestation and celebration of the bronze itself.'